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Andrew Murray – SEO and Marketing Expert

Kenneth Strong Jr – CEO Central Ohio Alzheimers Association

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…That’s it…

Tired of the Runaround?…

Your NOT Alone…


– buying links and getting no results whatsoever…

– having info ‘piecemealed’ out to you…and charged every step of the way until your almost broke…

– Irritating random “time-eating” technical problem solving to figure it all out…

– crossing your fingers whenever you hire someone for SEO and praying they use google
safe links (so you don’t ‘wreck’ your rankings).

putting up with double-dialing/fast talking ‘confuse and conquer’ robots from most SEO firms…

– having your hard earned $ go in the drain and getting an invoice for it – with NO increase in ranking…:(

Constantly being pulled away and distracted from the task at hand thus making little if no progress?

– Having everything change with the big G and have your rankings fall like a stone?

And of course we can’t forget (my own personal favorite) :

Watching other people effortlessly succeed while you
flounder and struggle …

We’ve Got Your Solution…

We’ll get your site to the first page of Google
and bring targeted traffic. Then we’ll help
you monetize it.

We Are White Hat….Never Black Hat Backlinking 

Now people more than ever are concerned with link quality. We are too..:)

We are also “google partners” and maintain current certifications in both Google Analytics and Google Adwords..

…and just so you know: We follow Big G Webmaster Guidelines to the ‘T’.

If you are looking for a “one Stop” solution that will take the worry of links and other stuff stealing
your time away
 then read on… if not? Then you can click away and keep getting no results.

Here’s the “Skinny”:

We Guarantee First Page Results…Not Kidding Here…


The benefit may sound obvious but what are the REAL benefits of getting to the first page of the Big G?

  • Authority – when you show up on page one for google you command authority
  • Credibility – Right or wrong when a given business shows up on page one for any given search term that business is seen as a quality player in that professional space.
  • Infinite Return on Investment – When you rank first page for a given search term and it converts (brings in sales) your return becomes infinite because your clicks are free (as opposed to paid for google adwords etc).

Get an Infinite Return on Investment…


How is this possible? The amount you spend on maintaining
rankings will decrease over time. Also while your costs to stay on page one
are decreasing your sales will be increasing during the same time period.

How’s that for exciting?

Start with a Sturdy Foundation…


Like any sturdy base your choice of keywords is crucial to your campaigns
overall success. To pick the right ones is like having someone dumping piles of
money on you while your sleeping. To choose the wrong ones is to wake up
suspended by a wire over the grand canyon in a ball lightning thunderstorm.

So, you wanna pick the right ones.

Get Safe and Powerful Backlinks…


Not only do all our campaigns carefully follow google webmaster
guidelines, but they are also VERY effective at getting your site
and your product and/or service to page one in google as quickly
(and permanently) as possible.

We do not use black hat methods of backlinking…

If you are a ‘do it yourselfer‘ we’re happy to share useful techniques
and methods with you. As our customer we feel it is our ‘duty’ to make
sure you can at least understand what we do from a general point of view.

Expert Preparation Comes First…or Else!


Even though there is no solution for the time it normally takes to rank
our methods have been battle-tested over a period of years. This means
SEO is a marathon NOT a sprint. You must carefully select the right
keyphrases first and then construct your own custom airtight plan for

Keep Your URL at the Top…for Good!

Our monthly campaigns will keep your site stuck on top of the ranks like
crazy glue and maintain its position in the SERP’s. This type of ongoing
maintenance is included along with detailed reporting to show you all the
details and specifics on each of your campaigns.

Plan and Purpose for Your Backlinks…

Since most people do not have a plan or purpose for backlinking and other
optimization, many customers get a sense of calm once they know that proven
specialists are handling their campaign with a degree of care that only a high
end specialist would possess.

Every SEO campaign that we run on your site will be carefully designed to
meet the needs of both your site and google webmaster guidelines thus giving
your site the credibility and extra advantage that google is looking for pushing
your business to page one!

More Sales of Your Product or Service…


When you start getting traffic from the advanced researched terms we provide
for you and that you can pick out yourself, your conversion rate will start
to increase automatically due to the right selection using our commerciality

To have this metric in your keyword research is critical and has been proven
to boost conversions dramatically.

Naturally Get Massive Authority…

Right or wrong it’s the truth. Simply showing up on the first page increases a
merchants credibility among prospective buyers of any given product or service.
When your URL is at the top attracting customers like bees to honey your testimonials
will of course increase due to customer in-flow but your authority in the eyes of your
prospects will be off the hook bringing you faithful repeat business.


This is Very Important for You to Understand…

My Dads favorite saying was that most people “know the price of everything
but the value of nothing”. The more I think about it, the more I began to realize
that folks are more concerned with ‘cost’ than they are with ‘price’.

If I bought a vacuum cleaner for $40 bucks and it lasts for 2 weeks, the price was $40
yes, but the cost was $20 per week! Cost is determined by time period and is the
best judge of whether you made a good investment or not.

So let’s say you spend $400 and get a good vacuum. It ends up lasting
12 years so the overall cost is $1.56 per week (much better).

So I can get a better deal on the front end but like they say, “You get what you
pay for”. I tend to concur. Seeing that the return on investment on something
like this is clearly and irrefutably infinite, it’s pretty safe to say your ‘cost’ will be
infinitely low.

But None of That Matters Anyways Because…

You have our guarantee that your URLs will hit the first page. Not to sound boastful but
there just are not that many people online doing business that can give you this type of

In fact, you don’t even have to decide right now. Take the next 6 months to see for
yourself the quality work we can deliver and you will be happily amazed at the results. We
have thousands of clients from all around the globe. If you should need references simply ask.


Have Your Clients Come to YOU…

Now, instead of tracking customers down you’ll have folks calling you asking to sign up.
No more sifting and sorting through prospects for the ‘action takers’. At that point quality targeted leads will effortlessly come to you that want and/or need EXACTLY
what you offer

When you start to get a steady stream of faithful clients contacting you every day you can
scale up your business quick and easy and enjoy the freedom that proper SEO can give
your site and your business overall. Long before your investment goes infinite you’ll
be laying on a beach somewhere making plans for an awesome evening!

Easily Create Your Own Income Stream…

Also, if you like getting to page one we have a popular re-sellers program that allows you to
create a recurring stream of income. We can help you find hungry markets and start
earning recurring monthly commissions…not bad.

…..Okay, Now for the Proof…

We have served over 4 thousand individual customers worldwide...


Our Happy Clients

You can see a screenshot of all our customer testimonials below as well as some video
testimonials on this page. Be sure to listen to them all. We look forward to adding yours. 🙂


Andrew Murray – SEO Author and Online Marketing Expert

Kenneth Strong Jr – CEO Central Ohio Alzheimers Association

Testimonial for Ranking ACE from William S.

Testimonial for Ranking ACE from George W.

Testimonial for Ranking ACE from Bob L.

Testimonial for Ranking ACE from Troy W.


Of course having good SEO and conversions isn’t going to solve all your
life problems, but it will sure make running your website 1000% easier…

Besides, most of those ‘life’ problems are an ‘inside job’ anyways and no amount
of money can take care of them. Good thing is the money part will be fine.

Early Bird Discount…


Order now below for our “Early Bird Special”. Right now we are gathering testimonials
and customer statements for our services because we know this will help us save
on advertising cost when we launch. So we have a handful of customers left leaving

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that with a service like this the price
can go way up VERY soon … Also, Once the price goes back up BONUS #1
below (the You Tube Conversion Course) has to go away too ($564.00 value).



Free Access to my You Tube Channel SEO Course…

Now that google owns You Tube it’s not such a bad idea to get one set up. It’s quick and easy and
also profitable with my video course that shows anyone how to correctly set up and optimize a You
Tube channel and generate streams of income from ads, leads, and other types of business.

In this five star course you’ll learn to:

-Upload a YT Video (I start at the very beginning)
-How to write an effective YT bio
-How to optimize the You Tube description box
-How to create a YT background
-How to set playlists and optimize for SEO
-How to use screen capture software
-How to get the proper SEO for your YT channel
-The optimal length for a YT video
-How to correctly use annotations
-How to optimize for comments
-How to get a YT Vid to page one
-Cool tricks to be at the Top of YT results
-How to leverage big names
-How to turn your article into a video
-How to use the lower banner on YT
-How to use Facebook with YT
-How to use Twitter with YT
-How to use Squidoo with YT
-How to use Linked in with YT
-How to use Pinterest with YT
-How to use Hootsuite with YT

and much more…..Not a bad idea since the Big G owns You Tube now.

and if you sign up today (remember this is an OTO or one time offer),

I will also add in your own personalised back office where you can log in
anytime 24-7-365 and see where your URL’s are at and how your campaigns
are coming along (this is something that is NOT offered in the early bird package).

Click here to grab your special package
(a few left)
and secure your spot now


(remember, you have 6 months to decide – NO risk)

Also, be sure to take advantage of all the extra stuff we didn’t even tell
you about here! Be sure to watch the manual backlinking vids after
you checkout (they are one of a kind).

Take care and best wishes in your success,

Stu Johnson – SEO and Conversion Specialist


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