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6 critical principles of SEO/SEM every site owner should know...

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Our Process

  1. Quick Proven Analysis

    Get a quick and sturdy 59 point examination on exactly what factors are holding your site back from achieving page one...

  2. Audit Recommendations

    Based on your website's current level of optimization, we give you the most powerful package with 100%  GUARANTEED results.

  3. Expert Optimization

    Deploy our Famous Laser-Targeted 'On-Page' and 'Off-Page' Optimization methods for you and your site...

  4. Specialized Reporting

    Keep track of your URL's Progress over the length of your campaign with our advanced reporting and analysis tools located in your convenient and "open 24-7-365" customer back office...

  5. You Get Results

    At the end of the day one thing matters = RESULTS. When you do business with us, that's EXACTLY what you'll get


  • choose your plan

  • This is how many terms you get per campaign - we want to help you get the most profitable terms possible and help you avoid online all the 'tire kickers' There are more out there than you may thinkNumber of Guaranteed to Rank Keywords
  • This is our guarantee to you that Your site will rank for the given terms that your campaign uses100% First Page Ranking Guarantee
  • Infinite Return on Investment
  • Keyword Profitability Filtering
  • This service makes sure that the content that is created for your site is friendly to the search engines AND your visitors. In addition, all your content marketing will also be included showcasing the talents of a proven publishing maven (you won't believe who it is)Top Expert SEO Content Creation
  • With this feature you'll have full time access to all your campaign data so you can always know the status of your campaignsTop Notch Campaign Dashboard for Monitoring
  • These are the factors on your site that can affect your rank. We make sure that over the duration of your campaign that your content gets updated every once in a whileOngoing 'ON' Site Maintenance
  • Ongoing 'OFF' Site Maintenance
  • Only the best backlinking can come from an SEO master - Joydeep Laskar is a well know authority on SEO and will make sure your campaigns strike hard towards your site grabbing a top position on page one - References available on request - All links are white hat and google friendlyTop Quality Advanced Backlinking
  • We agree to set up a pop up that triggers an email follow up series from what is called and autoresponder service - this will help you follow up with prospects consistently and carefully without lifting a finger!Email Follow Up Setup, Integration
  • We know of a method that can create an effective book for your business that will position you as an authority in your professional space and will get prospects calling you back like you had their winning lottery ticketCreate/Research Quality EBook for Your Business
  • This service allows your book to be 'heard' in audio form - stats show more folks like audio books now and/or like the optionTranscribe Your EBook into an Audio Book
  • List Your EBook in Amazon Kindle and Rank it!List Your EBook in Amazon Kindle
  • These are all carefully researched and finely crafted emails to get customers who join your newsletter to find there way back to your site and buy your products and/or services5 Part Email Follow Up Series
  • Integrate a google analytics dashboard into your account so you can login and access the the most powerful set of online analytical tools availableGoogle Analytics Integration
  • This session will help you get a clear map of the steps you need to take to maximize the business you generate on your site. Here, we'll help you develop a fundamental blueprint, then let you customize it and watch your business grow2 Hour Strategy Session
  • Build a Steadily Increasing Re-Marketing List For You
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Google Webmaster Dashboard Integration

Our Expert Team

Joydeep Laskar
Founder - SEO Masterclass/SEM Expert
Joydeep has been in the online & web industry since 2008 (over 6 years). Throughout this time Joydeep has developed… Read More
  • SEO Knowledge 100%
  • Communication 85%
  • Project Management 95%
Stu Johnson
SEO & Conversion Expert - Author - Certified Google Partner
Stu Johnson has extensive background in copywriting for the medical industry as an advanced IBM business partner and has a… Read More
  • Creative 90%
  • Leadership 95%
  • Communication 99%


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